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Death Investigation Continues in New Albany




The Floyd County Prosecutor has released some information on the bodies found in a New Albany park earlier this week.

Prosecutor Keith Henderson says the bodies were found by a passerby just after 5 PM Wednesday night. The bodies were found in the creek in Binford Park and all three bodies were found nude. Henderson said the clothes were found nearby along with a baby carrier harness that was seen with the mother that morning and a bible.

People in the area have told investigators that they saw 35 year old Jamie Clutter and her two children around 7 or 7:30 on the morning their bodies were found.

Henderson released that the preliminary cause of death for 10 year old Brandon and six month old Katelyn Clutter was drowning while the cause of death for Jamie Clutter is still pending. He expects to have more details on her cause of death in the next two weeks.

The husband and father of the victims 47 year old Michael Clutter is cooperating with investigators. Henderson says there is currently no evidence that Clutter was in the park or that day or involved in his families death.

Henderson is leaving all motives open and on the table, including the possibility of murder/suicide.


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