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Priest: Pope Francis Will Emphasize Helping the Poor


One Catholic priest in Indianapolis says Pope Francis will put an emphasis within the Catholic church on helping the poor.


Father Bob Robeson, Rector of the Bishop Simon Brute College Seminary at Marian University, says while both Pope Benedict and Pope John Paul the second had a love for the poor and were strong advocates for helping them, Pope Francis will make helping the poor a priority. 

"He really indicated that just by the name he chose, Francis," Robeson says.  "Saint Francis of Assisi, as everyone knows, had a great love of the poor and lived a poor life; expressed his solidarity with the poor by being poor himself."

Robeson says the pope appears to show he wants to live a life of humility.  He says that was expressed before his first mass when he did not use the papal motorcade and instead rode on a bus with the cardinals to the church.

Robeson says the pope will likely look into the distribution of the church's resources to make sure those in need are getting help first.


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