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Expert Outlines Signs of Gambling Addiction


An Indiana substance abuse counselor says Americans will spend $58 billion betting on games during March Madness.


Scott Watson of Heartland Interventions says March is Gambling Awareness Month and there's no surprise it comes this month. Watson says most people will gamble in fun without it harming the well-being of anyone. However, he says gambling becomes an issue when people lose control. He says that reveals itself when people lie about wagering, try to hide their activity or use money that should be spent on things like food, medical care or shelter. Watson says the hope is that gambling doesn't result in "high" emotional highs or "low" emotional lows.

Watson says betting frequency is also an issue. He says that using substances or activities to modulate one's mood is not sustainable. Watson says they're noticing more young people engaged in gambling activity that can turn addictive.


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