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Jet Crash Investigation Continues in South Bend


The NTSB will be in South Bend most of the week looking into the Sunday crash of a corporate jet that killed two pilots, injured two passengers and one person on the ground.


NTSB Investigator-In-Charge Andrew Todd Fox says the Hawker Beechcraft Model 390's black box has been recovered and will be analyzed in Washington D.C.

Fox says crews are working on recovering the wreckage from the home to be able to take it to South Bend Regional Airport to look at it further. Fox says the team will consist of the aircraft manufacturers, engine manufacturers, and FAA officials from South Bend and Washington D.C. Fox says they do know that two landing attempts were made. He says the pilots attempted one landing, then aborted, entered a bank then crashed into the home.

60-year-old Steve Davis, a former Oklahoma University quarterback, and 58-year-old Wes Caves, of Tulsa, Oklahoma were killed in the crash. Fox says there are no known problems with the specific type of jet, and that both pilots were certifed.


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