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Doctors Warned to Stop Prescribing "Study Drugs" to Healthy Kids


A small percentage of students actually have Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder, but that apparently doesn't mean parents searching for more focus and better grades from their kids aren't pushing doctors for those drugs.


The American Academy of Neurology is warning doctors to stop prescribing ADHD drugs to healthy kids so they can do better in school.  Bill Stanczykiewicz  with the Indiana Youth Institute says there is no evidence that would suggest "study drugs" help with focus and might risk affecting their long-term health. 

Stanczykiewicz says there is plenty parents can do to make sure their student does well, like checking over homework, making sure they get lots of rest, and have a healthy diet.  About 8-percent of Indiana students have been diagnosed with ADHD, but Stanczykiewicz says it is impossible to know how many kids have been given medication that they don't know.


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