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Colder Weather Means Allergy Relief for Some


You might be ready for winter-like weather to be done, but snow in the forecast could mean allergy relief for a lot of people. 


Dr. Girish Vitalpur, an allergist with Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health, says pollen, especially from trees, usually comes out when it is about 40-50 degrees but with highs reaching the lower 40's at best early next week, you might get a little more time before the itchy eyes and runny nose kick in.

"Even though it seems very cold at this time, it's worth it to still be prepared if you or your child, are someone who ends up having a lot of allergy issues every year." Vitalpur says.  "In the spring time, it's still worth it to talk with your allergy or primary health care provider."

Vitalpur says the earliest pollen to come out in Spring is usually tree pollen, which stays airborn for hundreds of miles.


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