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Postal Carriers to Rally in Indianapolis


Letter carriers and union members protested the closure of post offices last April.  ( file photo: Reed Parker)

Postal carriers from across Indiana will gather in downtown Indianapolis Sunday for a rally to save 6-day mail delivery.


The rally is entitled "USA for 6 day."  Carmel letter carrier Ronnie Roush says cutting Saturday delivery would hurt small business, and rural America, since it will be more difficult to get mail across the country.

Roush says cutting Saturday delivery also won't save taxpayers one penny. He says the Postal Service has been self-funded since 1983. Postal carriers have been spreading the message that the Postal Service is in dire financial straits only because of the 2006 choice by Congress to pre-fund 75 years of retiree benefits in a 10 year period. Roush says pre-funding has caused 85-percent of their financial losses since the 2006 decision.

Roush says they're asking Indiana's contingent of federal lawmakers to back bills currently before Congress to help save the Postal Service. The rally takes place from 1-3pm at the main Post Office at 125 West South Street.


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