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How Much Caffeine is Too Much?


How much caffeine is too much?

Listen:  Dr. Eric Prystowski with 93 WIBC's Ray Steele

Dr. Eric Prystowski, an electrophysiologist with the St. Vincent Heart Center of Indiana, says we still don't know why caffeine affects some people more than others.  He says caffeine has rarely been shown to be the primary cause of heart rhythm problems, but too much caffeine could make them worse.  However, he adds caffeine isn't as bad as people make it out to be and people with heart rhythm problems can still have a couple of cups of coffee per day.

Dr. Prystowski says the bigger question is with energy drinks.  He says research hasn't shown what the combination of caffeine and other ingredients in energy drinks such as sugar and various herbs could do.  Dr. Prystowski says the herbs used in energy drinks aren't regulated and haven't been studied much to see what kind of affects they could have.

He adds, though, that too much of anything is usually bad and caffeine from any source shouldn't be taken in mass quantities. 


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