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Doctor Says Benefits of Pasteurization Far Outweigh Those of Raw Milk


Two proposals were floated this year in the Indiana Legislature, but you still can't *really* buy raw milk in the state, and there may be a good reason for that. 


Doctor Michele Saysana, a pediatrician at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health, says there are some benefits to raw milk, which hasn't been pasteurized, like bacteria that can be good for digestion.  However, bacteria can also be bad. "The risk is that there are bacteria in raw milk that are particularly unsafe," she said. "So some of the things that people are familiar with or have heard about are EColi, and Salmonella, and Chigella, which are all bacteria that we don't want."

Doctor Saysana says there are better ways to get good bacteria, called "pro-biotics" without the risk of a dangerous infection.  Yogurt is just one example. Indiana does not allow milk sales for individuals, only allowing bulk purchases intended for animals, industry, or research.


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