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Congresswoman Brooks Calls Sequester "Necessary Evil"


( file photo: Mike Corbin)

Indiana Congresswoman Susan Brooks says tackling the national debt remains a top priority for the nation.


The Republican toured Indianapolis-based Monarch Beverage Company and came for a roundtable discussion about the national debt Monday. Brooks says when it comes to the federal deficit, "sacred cow" government programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security must be reformed. She adds that with the nation running deficits each year and the total debt approaching $17 trillion, government must cut as opposed to raising taxes.

Brooks says the federal sequester was allowed to happen simply because there was no solid budget plan in place. Brooks says no one likes across the board cuts, but she adds that a new resolution now gives federal agencies more flexibility regarding where and how they'll make needed two-percent budget cuts.

Brooks says she remains focused on helping to restore confidence in Congress. She also cites military leaders who say the debt is a national security issue. Brooks says she's concerned that countries like China and Iran pose threats to the nation's cyber security, another issue that she says needs to be addressed.


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