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State Solicitor General Involved in Prop 8 Arguments at U.S. Supreme Court


Indiana Solicitor General Tom Fisher (file photo)

The U.S. Supreme Court has begun oral arguments on Proposition 8.


Indiana Solicitor General Tom Fisher was in the nation's capital for the opening of arguments. Fisher says Indiana got involved in the case by filing a brief, in which Fisher wrote.

Fisher says Indiana got involved because Indiana defines marriage in the traditional way, between a man and a woman. Fisher says they're concerned a decision that comes out against Prop 8 would negatively affect the state's ability to regulate marrage as they see fit. Fisher says the Justices discussed whether proponents have the standing to defend the law. Fisher says Chief Justice Robers seemed pretty skeptical that proponents had standing. On the other hand, he says Justice Kennedy seemed fairly satisfied that there was standing to defend the law.

It's not known when the Court will make a deicison, if they make one at all.


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