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Judge Blocks Indiana Immigration Law


A federal judge in Indianapolis has struck down major parts of Indiana's 2011 immigration law. 


The move blocks the State of Indiana from using consular ID and arresting people whose immigration status is in question without warrants.  Judge Sarah Evans Barker's ruling says those particular provisions of the law violate due process.  However, the ruling upheld the provision that penalizes employers for hiring illegal immigrants. 

The ruling comes as a victory for the ACLU of Indiana which filed challenges against Marion and Johnson county prosecutors on the law.  Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller represented the prosecutors and state statute. 

Zoeller released a statement that reads,  “I take my responsibility to defend the statutes the Legislature passes from legal challenge as an important role of the office I hold. The court recognized that the Office of the Attorney General has faithfully defended all provisions of this statute until the U.S. Supreme Court last June said that state-level warrantless arrest laws are preempted as unconstitutional.  Now that the federal court decision reinforces what we said all along -- that immigration enforcement is a federal government not a state responsibility -- this case is at an end and the state will not appeal.  We are pleased that Judge Barker’s ruling has underscored and reiterated the responsibility of my office to defend state statutes as is our solemn obligation."





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