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Former Mayor Says Any Modern City Needs Mass Transit

William Hudnut Backs Plan Sidelined By Legislators


William Hudnut (photo courtesy Georgetown University)

The General Assembly may have delayed the decision on an expansion of central Indiana mass transit. But former Indianapolis Mayor William Hudnut says that expansion must be accommodated.  

"I think it should be part of the future of any modern, urban city," said Hudnut.  "Having a more people friendly and city friendly transit system."  

The former mayor acknowledges the love affair with automobiles.

"But, the more cars you have the more parking you need and the less space there is for downtown redevelopment," he said.  

And he reminds backers and supporters alike that the plan that's on the table wouldn't "just take people downtown."

"What we're talking about is dedicated, rapid bus transit routes," said the former mayor.  "They'd go from way down south up to the north beyond the 96th Street line.


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