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Texas Group Offering Free Shotguns, Plans to Come to Indy


A group in Texas is giving away free shotguns to residents and they'll soon be coming to Indianapolis to do the same.

Justin Dupuy with the Armed Citizen Project says they are offering free shotguns to residents in high-crime areas.  Those who want a shotgun must submit to a background check and must go through training on how to properly operate the shotgun.  

The group was founded by a college student named Kyle Copeland, who once lived in Indianapolis.  Dupuy says they plan on bringing the project to Indianapolis and many other cities across the country.

Dupuy says the group sees this as a humanitarian mission.  He says they want to empower those who feel threatened in their community with a way to defend themselves if needed.

Dupuy says there is no timetable on when the group will come to Indy but it will be sometime in 2013.


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