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IU Professor Says North Korea Flexing Little Muscles


An IU history Professor whose an expert on modern Korea says it's not very likely North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un will launch a missile at South Korea or any other nation.


Bloomington-based professor Michael Robinson says Jong-Un is essentially an inexperienced puppet whose trying to flex his political muscles, but isn't really taken seriously by even South Korea. Robinson says North Korean leadership is mainly interested in maintaining the status quo along with the impression that it's a powerful nation. Robinson says he doesn't believe North Korea really poses a nuclear threat. He says they simply don't have the proper delivery mechanisms. Robinson says South Korea is now stating it will retaliate if attacked by North Korea.

He adds that the South Korean government, unlike many Americans, does not really consider North Korea a military threat. Robinson says he believes the American media is inadvertently inflating the North Korean threat somewhat. He says North Korea wants legitimacy from the United States and they want the U.S. to pull its military out of South Korea. Despite this, Robinson says he believes there could be a resolution soon.


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