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Ball State Report Shows Skills 'Mismatch' Affects Job Seekers


A new Ball State University report says upwards of 150,000 Hoosiers aren't able to find work because their skills don't match those needed for new jobs in our changing economy.


The study is part of a report by the Center for Business and Economic Research. Dr. Michael Hicks says the study looks at the job market during the "Great Recession." Hicks says about two percent of the labor force only has skills that match their old jobs. He says many of those people who lost their jobs will probably never reach the pay grade of those old jobs.

Given that, Hicks says the jobless rate will probably hover near seven percent for several more years. Hicks says the study reviewed hundreds of occupations. He says the "skills mismatch" isn't only seen in the science and technology sector, but across the board in most career fields. Ultimately, Hicks says re-training and education should be an ongoing process.


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