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Engine for Next-Generation Navy Drone Will Be Built in Indy


Northrop Grumman vice president George Vardoulakis (left) and Rolls-Royce Defense president Tom Bell look over mockups of Northrop's Fire Scout helicopter and the Rolls M250 engine. ( photo: Eric Berman)

Rolls-Royce's Indianapolis plant will build the engine for the newest generation of Navy drone helicopter.


Rolls already builds the engine for the Navy Fire Scout. The new Fire Scout will be able to stay airborne for 15 hours instead of eight. That'll require a more powerful engine.

Rolls-Royce Defense president Tom Bell says the new version of the company's M-250 engine will boost power by 8% and increase fuel efficiency by 2%.

The project won't add any jobs at the Indianapolis plant, but Bell says it'll help diversify the company's production.

Northrop Grumman manufactures the helicopter itself.


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