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Indiana Investment Analyst Sizes Up Dow Leap


One of Indiana's top investment analysts says the Dow topping 15,000 points is great news for individual investors.


David Noyes & Company Manager L.H. Bayley says anyone with a 401K may want to pay attention to the Dow. Bayley says the Dow is a barometer of stock value, but also a measurement of attitude and confidence in the nation's corporate and economic future. Bayley says the favorable job report Friday also played a role in contributing to rise in the Dow.

However, Bayley cautions that the jobs report is no longer as important as has been. He says that's due to the changing workplace. Bayley says a healthy Dow means healthy 401K and retirement planning for individuals.

Ultimately, he says it influences CEOs to make more aggressive corporate spending and planning decisions that can lead to more job creation.


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