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Retired Officer Speaks on Investigation in Cleveland Kidnapping Case


(photo courtesy Fox News Radio)

As the investigation continues into the kidnapping of three Cleveland women and their rescue 10 years later, many people are asking why it took so long for them to be found.

Retired Indiana State Police Officer Jim White says although neighbors have claimed that they called police multiple times about the house where the girls were found, it's not always obvious to police that there is something wrong when they go to investigate. Authorities in Cleveland had admitted to responding to a call at the house once, but no one answered the door and they didn't have enough information for probably cause to investigate further.

White says the Constitution guarantees people certain rights and police cannot cross that line if the legal system is going to be successful in getting a conviction. White says the public tends to confuse real life crime investigations with the 54-minutes crime television gets to discover and solve a case.


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