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State Police Looking for Aggressive Drivers on Roadways


Indiana State Police are joining the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's Ticket Aggressive Cars and Trucks (TACT) campaign.


The TACT program, which begins today, aims to reduce the number of crashes involving commercial and passenger vehicles.  State Police hope to use the program to deter unsafe driving behavior when drivers interact on the roadway.

Troopers will be looking for motorists who drive dangerously around semi trucks and other commercial vehicles.  They will be looking for drivers who make unsafe lane changes, fail to yield the right-of-way, follow too closely and drive aggressively.

State Police remind drivers to allow plenty of space between their cars and commercial vehicles.  They say it can take over 500 feet for a fully loaded truck going 65 miles-per-hour to come to a complete stop.  Drivers are asked to always use turn signals and always yield the right-of-way to commercial vehicles.

The program will run through June 8th.


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