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IPFW Prof Says IRS Will Survive Recent Allegations


President Obama says it would be "outrageous" if it's true that the IRS subjected conservative groups to special scrutiny.  

But the president insists he had no prior knowledge of any such abuse.  IPFW political scientist Andy Downs says the president's critics might not accept that.  But he says most Americans will probably be satisfied if the tax agency is held accountable.  

"The people who work for you from time to time do things you don't want them to do," said Downs.  "And the question is what do you do about it after the bad news is brought to your attention."

Downs predicts calls for "disassembling" the IRS.  But he says the tax agency will survive.  

"They have to collect revenue, they being the government," he said.  "And, by and large, I think that we like the services we receive.  So we're gonna continue to agree to have revenue taken from us to provide those services."


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