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Ball State Decides Not to Renew Contracts with Five Charter Schools


Ball State University announced Wednesday that it will not renew the contracts of five charter schools.


In January, seven schools were notified that their charters would not be renewed.  Five of those schools challenged the decision, which was later affirmed by Ball State President Jo An Gora.  Ball State's Tony Proudfoot says it's important to understand that these schools did not meet the standards set out in their own charters.

Proudfoot says the university met with each school in person and went over the data of their failing performances.  He says they had chances to ensure the data was correct and articulate why they couldn't meet the standards that were set.  The schools were then told what they could expect and were warned that it didn't look promising for them.

Proudfoot says four other schools did have their contracts renewed.  He says a handful of others received three year extensions with additional standards requirements.  He adds that going forward, Ball State will review each school on an annual basis.

Proudfoot adds that the university recently worked with the National Association of Charter Schools and their resources helped the university focus on performance metrics that could serve as a national model.


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