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Indy Mom Upset Following Lemonade Day At IMS


The mother of an Indianapolis girl says they're still upset after IMS officials shut down their lemonade stand at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Saturday.


Telisha Morris and 10-year-old daughter Morgan were selling lemonade at IMS as part of National Lemonade Day. Morris says a guy wearing an IMS shirt approached their stand and told them they didn't have proper permission to operate the stand and he shut them down. Morris says she told the guy that they did indeed have the proper permits that included IMS permission.

Lemonade Day Director Jami Marsh says that in addition to IMS permission, the city and state health departments also granted her organization a temporary waiver for the day to operate at IMS. The group held Lemonade Day last year at Castleton Square Mall. Marsh says that by the time she got word about what happened, the stand had already been shut down. Meantime, Morris says the point of Lemonade Day for her daughter was to learn entrepreneurial skills in addition to raising money to buy a Kindle Fire and donate money to the American Heart Association.

Late in the day Monday, Morgan said she has received over $750 dollars in donations, including a $500 donation to the American Heart Association from IMS.


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