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IU Expert Cites Dilemma In U.S Aid To Syrian Rebels


An Indiana University Middle East expert says the Obama administration's pledge of military aid to Syrian rebels is an attempt to keep the entire region from destabilizing.


Dr. Jamsheed Choksy says the administration believes it has evidence that dictator Bashar al-Assad has used chemical weapons on his people. Choksy says giving weapons to Syrian rebels could become a dangerous scenario in which the weapons end up in the wrong hands and are used against the U.S. by other rebels.

Choksy says Assad and his father have had long histories of abuse. He says there are already upwards of 100,000 casualties in Syria as a result of the current conflict which continues to inch toward all out civil war. Choksy says various factions remain at odds in the region and the conflict could easily spread beyond Syrian borders.


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