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Ft. Wayne Senator to Introduce Bill Lowering DUI Threshold


It's been 10 years since Indiana lowered its drunk-driving threshold to .08. Now a battle may be brewing to lower it again.


In May, the National Transportation Safety Board recommended a DUI threshold of .05.  Senator Tom Wyss (R-Fort Wayne) says he'll introduce a bill next year to make the change, but says he doesn't expect it to pass.

Wyss says the 50 states settled on .08 in the first place because it was an easier case to make. He says most drivers are impaired at a blood-alcohol level of .05 -- but nearly all are impaired at point-oh-eight.

Wyss led a sometimes-bitter 11-year fight to lower Indiana's threshold to .08 from .10. He says going even lower is likely to meet similar opposition, with many legislators opposing it on individual-liberty grounds. But he says he hopes introducing the bill will begin the debate and start nudging public opinion.


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