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IMPD Reminding Drivers of Dangers of Leaving Children in Hot Cars


IMPD is warning drivers about the dangers of leaving unattended children or pets inside hot vehicles during the summer.


The department says this behavior tends to increase during July and August, the hottest months of the summer.  Leaving children or pets inside hot vehicles, even for short periods of time, can cause serious harm, even death.  IMPD says on a 72-degree day, the temperature inside a car can increase by 30 to 40 degrees in one hour and 70-percent of that increase can occur in the first 30 minutes.

And it could be illegal.  A person can be arrested on a preliminary felony charge of neglect of a dependant if an officer finds enough probable cause to make an arrest.  IMPD Chief Rick Hite says leaving children in hot cars is an irresponsible and dangerous behavior that places children into unnecessary risk.

IMPD reminds drivers to always take children with you even if you only intend to leave the car for a short time.  Also, check that the vehicle is empty before locking and always keep the keys with the driver.  If you see small children or animals locked in a car, call 911 to have an officer investigate.


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