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Police: Think Twice Before Celebrating Independence Day With Gunfire


Police are hoping one dangerous method of celebrating the Fourth of July doesn't catch on in Indiana.

In some cities, revelers greet Independence Day by firing guns in the air. Indiana State Police say that's been a problem on New Year's Eve, but is still relatively uncommon on the Fourth.

Celebratory gunfire isn't necessarily illegal. Some cities, including Indianapolis, have local ordinances prohibiting gunfire in the city limits, but there's no state law against it. Even so, police warn another law applies: the law of gravity. A bullet that goes up will come down again somewhere, and can be dangerous when it does.

Firing a gun around other people, even in the air, creates the possibility of a criminal recklessness charge, especially if someone is injured.

Marion County prosecutors say charges have been filed in many Indianapolis gunfire cases, though not recklessness charges. A spokeswoman says many of those who fire a few shots to celebrate have turned out to be convicted felons, who are prohibited from having guns.


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