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Attorney: BMV's Latest Move After Overcharging Not Acceptable


The attorneys suing the BMV for overcharging the public for standard licenses say the state agency's latest action is not acceptable.


The BMV announced Friday that it will immediately return the overcharge amounts in the form of a credit to every affected driver. Attorney Scott Gilchrist with Cohen and Malad says there is no oversight and no transparency in the BMV's actions. Gilchrist says there is also no way for previous customers effected by the overcharges who are no longer doing business with the BMV to collect what is owed to them.

Gilchrist says all actions to correct this wrongdoing should be dictated and organized by the courts. He says while they are working on their formal court response to this latest BMV action, they will continue to push for the court to take over the responsibility for paying BMV customers back the money they are owed, as well as getting the proper licensing fees established.

Last month, the BMV dropped the standard license fees by $3.50. Gilchrist says the fees are still too much by $2.50. The next hearing for the lawsuit is scheduled for July 25th.


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