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Indiana First Responders Return from Alaska


(Left to right) Chris Walker- Ft. Wayne Fire Dept., Roger Powers- Dekalb Co. Emergency Management Agency, Megan Thiele- Decatur Twp. Fire Dept., Cliff Weaver- Evansville Fire Dept.  (photo courtesy of Indiana Department of Homeland Security)

Four responders for the Indiana Department of Homeland Security are back from their training and assistance trip to Alaska.

Megan Tiele says the trip, in one word, was amazing.  Tiele says there were some obvious differences, such as the terrain and their resources to deal with that terrain, but the basics of the job were the same.

Tiele says the number one lesson she is bringing back to Indiana, is the need for more immediate knowledge of the state's geography and terrain.  Tiele says it is always better for responders to have some background on their response area that the current resource are lacking in that area.

Tiele adds that the state and DHS's willingness to allow responders the opportunity to learn from other areas, like their trip to Alaska, shows that Indiana is progressive and can become one of the country's leaders in this area.


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