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Indiana Expert Sizes Up Home Security Systems


Thousands of Hoosier homeowners have home security systems, but just how effective are they?


Indiana Security and Preparedness Consultant Peter Beering says if burglars really want to break into your home, they will. Beering says home security systems don't stop crooks from breaking into your home, but they do present a psychological layer of security for both you and the potential burglar. Beering says burglars are much more likely to go after a "softer target" or home they believe lacks obvious security. Beering's comments come as AT&T is jumping into the home security market and is now offering a new service to consumers.

Beering says security systems simply provide layers of protection. He adds that such systems really serve as ways to alert homeowners. Beering says more and more systems monitor things like water heaters, sub pumps, etc. Beering says many homeowners still don't have security systems and it's probably best that they have some sort of security system rather than nothing.


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