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Council Strikes Fountain Square Economic Improvement Proposal


The Indianapolis City-County Council struck down Monday a proposal which would have created an Economic Improvement District for Fountain Square.

The proposal would have allowed for a collection of taxes from property owners in Fountain Square which would be used for improvements in the area.  Many councillors shared their concerns that the proposal did not have the support of property owners originally stated when the proposal was introduced.

Democratic Councillor Angela Mansfield said the proposal should not have been introduced until everything had been worked out.  "I really don't think that it's for us as councillors to be pushing this proposal.  It really needs to be pushed by the business owners if they want it."

Many business owners objected to the proposal while it was being heard in the council's Metroplitan and Economic Development Committee, saying it would add to their already increased taxes.  Councillor Frank Mascari said the property taxes for his small business had already increased by 40-percent.

Brian Mahern, an original sponsor of the proposal, felt the proposal was flawed after hearing concerns from members of the community.  "This proposal is like a bad batch of soup.  Just throw it out.  Start over.  That's what needs to happen.  Anything short of that is going to fester and cause even more division within the fountain square communtiy."

The proposal was struck by a vote of 22 to 7.


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