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High School Employee Accused of Groping Student


A former Greencastle High School employee is facing several charges after being accused of inappropriately pursuing and groping a student last spring.

The Greencastle Police Department said that just after 9 a.m. on March 11, an officer was dispatched to Greencastle High School. When he arrived, the officer said he met with Principal Russ Hesler.

Hesler told the officer that assistant athletic director Zachary Remsburg, 24, had been accused of touching a student inappropriately. Remsburg resigned from his position in April.

The student told investigators it began with comments and flirting. She also said Remsburg had asked her to go into the school’s locker rooms and take “dirty” photos on her phone to show him. Then, the student said, it all came to a head after school one day.

Court documents say she had accompanied Remsburg into an athletics office to help look for a lost item when he forced himself upon her. The student told the investigating officer that when they were in the office with the door shut, Remsburg put his hands on her hips, grabbed her butt and went up her shirt with his other hand.

The student told investigators that’s when she pushed Remsburg away and told him her mom was there to pick her up. Police said surveillance video confirmed the two had entered the office together and the student left again roughly three minutes later, with Remsburg following shortly after.

When interviewed by investigators, principal Hesler said this is the third incident that he had to speak to Remsburg about in regard to his behavior with students. And a detective who further investigated the case said this is the second time Remsburg has pursued inappropriate relations with a student at the school.

Court documents say when Remsburg was interviewed by the detective, his statements were not truthful in regard to what officers observed on surveillance video or gleaned from interviews.

“(Remsburg’s) statement to me clearly had several factual inconsistencies in it,” the Greencastle detective wrote in court documents.

Remsburg faces several charges: sexual misconduct with a minor, a Class C felony; two charges of child solicitation, Class D felonies; and two charges of attempted activity related to obscene performance, both Class D felonies.


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