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New Agency to Coordinate State Education, Job Training Efforts

Ritz miffed at what she contends was a lack of notice


Gov. Mike Pence announces the Center for Education and Career Innovation with students from Warren Central's Walker Career Center. ( photo: Eric Berman)

Indiana has created another new agency to smooth the connection between education and jobs.


The Center for Education and Career Innovation will help map out what classes students need to be ready for the job market. That's the same general mission as the newly formed Indiana Career Council. But Governor Pence says the center will go beyond that to address science and technology education, college curricula, and adult job training.

Pence says the Career Council, the Department of Education, Department of Workforce Development, and several other agencies holding part of the responsibility for job readiness, there needs to be a single agency to coordinate them.

State school superintendent Glenda Ritz, the only Democrat holding statewide elective office, charges Pence didn't consult her before announcing the executive order creating the agency. She suggests the governor is attempting an end run around the Department of Education. The governor's office responds Pence advised Ritz this week he was considering a reorganization of several agencies, and says his staff briefed hers on the new center before the announcement.

The governor says he "looks forward to working with Superintendent Ritz and the Department" on improving education.


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