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Greenfield Police Using "Drone" At Crash Scenes


The Greenfield Police Department is using a new tool in its public safety efforts.


Chief John Jester says the department has bought and is now using a "drone." The chief says it's really a "quad-copter" or remote control helicopter. He says GPD's fatal accident crash team will be using it to take photographs of vehicle crash scenes. He says the quadcopter has a small camera mount that allows it to get aerial views of crash scenes.

Chief Jester says the device cost $650. He says they fly it with a hand-held unit like a remote control racecar. Chief Jester says they used the device at at fatal accident scene this week and it worked well. He says it's not their intention to use it as a "Big Brother" device.

He says they're still even examining what they can do legally with the "drone." He says working surveillance would be tough because the device is noisy, but they may be able to use it to aid in the immediate search for missing people or crime suspects.


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