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Former Colt Reacts to NFL Settlement


Jeff Herrod (photo courtesy Indianapolis Colts)

The NFL has reached a tentative $765 million settlement over concussion-related brain injuries among thousands of retired players, including former Colts linebacker Jeff Herrod.


The former team captain joined other former players in the lawsuit. The settlement compensates former players, pays for medical exams and underwrites research into concussion-related injuries.

Herrod says it's good to know that his family doesn't have to worry about paying for his medical bills, which he says was the reason he joined the lawsuit. Herrod says he suffers from migraines, memory loss, sensitivity to light and other symptoms from his years on the gridiron. He has undergone cognitive testing and MRI's to measure the affect of years of head injuries. He's also donated his brain and spine to Boston Institute to help in finding out more about concussions and injuries.

Herrod doesn't agree that the NFL "got off easy" by settling for just $765 million, but he adds that he is bothered that the NFL didn't have to admit liability. The 47-year old says he feels the NFL did admit liability by agreeing to the settlement. Herrod says although he's grateful that his, and other players families, will receive compensation, it doesn't bring back Dave Duerson, Junior Seau, and other players who died after suffering concussion-related injuries.


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