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Key Witness Takes Stand in Camm Murder Trial


David Camm (file photo courtesy RTV6)

The murder trial of former state trooper David Camm reaches a critical point with the start of testimony from a convicted accomplice.

Charles Boney says he sold David Camm the gun used to murder Camm's wife and children. Camm's lawyers maintain Boney is the killer and Camm is innocent.

Former prosecutor Greg Garrison says Boney is a crucial witness for both sides. If Boney's story cracks under cross-examination, it moves the defense significantly toward establishing reasonable doubt. Even if Boney successfully stands his ground, Garrison says his value to the prosecution is limited by the fact he's already been convicted in the murders and has a prior criminal record. But although jurors will be instructed to take Boney's record into account in weighing his credibility, Garrison says that's not a problem for prosecutors as long as other witnesses corroborate his story.

Camm has been convicted twice of the murders, with both convictions thrown out on appeal because prosecutors introduced prejudicial information. Before the second trial, Boney's DNA turned up on a sweatshirt found at the murder scene. Boney says he wrapped the gun in the shirt when he gave it to Camm.

Boney testified he met Camm about three months before the murders, when they were both playing pickup basketball. He says Camm inquired about his background, and arranged to buy an "untraceable" gun for $250.

Camm and Boney locked eyes as Boney entered the courtroom, with Camm continuing to glare at Boney as he testified,.

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