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DPS Halting Police Operations at ROC


Troy Riggs ( photo: Mike Corbin)

Indianapolis Public Safety Director Troy Riggs has removed upwards of 150 workers from the IMPD's Regional Operations Center on the city's far eastside.


Riggs says the IFD and the Department of Code Enforcement have deemed the building unsafe. He says major safety issues include a faulty basement sprinkler system and firewall. Riggs says he's mainly concerned about fire potential and keeping city workers safe.

The city is currently leasing the renovated building for $1 million a year. The lease term runs for 25 years. However, Riggs says the money is being held in escrow. Riggs says they're working with the owner to correct problems at the facility that has been plagued with issues since it opened about two years ago.

Riggs says IMPD workers - mainly East District employees - are being transferred to the Post Road police training facility while homeland security workers will be transferred to the emergency operations center at Indianapolis International Airport. Riggs says it remains unclear how long it'll take to correct problems at the renovated facility.


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