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Ft. Wayne Officer Suspended on Sexual Misconduct Allegations


Mark Rogers (photo courtesy Allen County Sheriff's Department)

A Fort Wayne police officer has been suspended without pay.

Police Chief Rusty York confirmed that crime scene technician Mark Rogers has been charged with two counts of sexual misconduct, both felonies and one count of false reporting, a misdemeanor.  Rogers is charged with sexually assaulting a woman while she was intoxicated and in custody. The woman claims the officer forced to her to have sex on a park bench and she cooperated out of fear for her safety. 

The police report filed by Rogers, claims he was transporting her to jail when she vomited in the police car and was taken to the hospital for evaluation and blood test.   Records show a medical clearance form signed by the ER doctor and the officer. Video also shows the woman being hand-cuffed and led from the hospital.

However, Rogers claimed in his report she was held for observation and he returned to the police station to file paperwork.  The prosecutor's office says an arrest warrant for woman was never received from police. 


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