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Woman Sentenced to Prison for Forgery, Theft


An Indianapolis woman faces six years in prison for forgery and theft after providing a false name to police.

The Johnson County Prosecutor's Office says 25-year-old Heather Clise was arrested for shoplifting in the Greenwood Park Mall in November 2012 and identified herself to police using the name of an acquaintance.  Clise used the same false information during the booking process and in court when she entered into a plea agreement and was convicted of theft and placed on probation.

The acquaintance, however, contacted police after the state assistance she had been receiving for her children was terminated because of her supposed felony conviction.  Once police figured out what Clise had done, the prosecutor's office had the arrest and conviction expunged from the acquaintance's record since she never committed a crime.

Clise was recharged in January for the original theft as well as forgery for signing multiple documents, including her plea agreement, with her acquaintance's information.  Clise was sentenced Monday to five years in prison on the forgery charge and one year in prison on the theft charge.

"We read reports about people lying to police about who they are all the time," said Chief Deputy Prosecutor Joe Villanueava.  "However, once those people get to the jail, they almost always come clean. I have never before seen a person who continued that kind of charade throughout the pendency of an entire criminal case. Her choice to do so cost her about three times the prison sentence she would have otherwise likely received had she been truthful."


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