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Pence: Medical Device Tax Repeal Offers Path to End Shutdown

Governor disputes report that he called shutdown "worthwhile"


Gov. Mike Pence ( file photo: Eric Berman)

Governor Pence says there's a simple solution to the government shutdown -- one that would boost an Indiana industry.


Pence says he was misquoted in a South Bend media report saying he called the shutdown "worthwhile," though he concedes he "probably could have been more clear." He says he meant to say Republicans are right to try to soften what he says will be harmful effects of the federal health care law, whether by repealing, delaying or amending it.

Pence says he's disappointed and frustrated by the shutdown, but joins fellow Republicans in blaming President Obama. He argues the GOP has demonstrated its willingness to seek common ground by scaling back its proposals from cutting off funding for the much-debated law to delaying it or deleting specific provisions. He says Obama's declaration he won't negotiate is "a failure of leadership."

Pence says both parties should be able to agree on repealing the health care law's tax on medical devices. 21-hundred Hoosiers work in the medical device industry. The eight Republicans in Indiana's congressional delegation on Friday released a letter to House and Senate leaders urging them to make a repeal of the tax part of either a spending resolution or the bill to increase the debt limit. Earlier this year, Indiana's Joe Donnelly was one of 32 Senate Democrats to join Republicans in passing a nonbinding resolution calling for repeal. 37 Democrats supported a similar measure in the House.


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