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Hoosier Corn Yields Challenge Record; Soybean Crop Below Par


Hoosier cornfields may produce a record crop this year as farmers begin their harvest.


Purdue agronomist Chris Hurt says corn growers benefited from ideal weather this year: a wet spring followed by a cool summer. He says Indiana is on track for 166 bushels of corn per acre, and there's still time to surpass the record of 171 set four years ago.

The bumper crop's especially welcome after last year's drought, which Hurt says left 30% of Hoosier grain-processing capacity idle.

Indiana's other big crop, soybeans, isn't faring as well. A dry August and September hit too late to do any harm to corn or wheat yields, but did put a dent in soybean productivity. Hurt says soybeans look to be a couple of bushels below average for the year.


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