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Ex-Trooper's Murder Case Goes to Jury Next Week


David Camm ( file photo)

Closing arguments are expected next week in the murder trial of former state trooper David Camm.


This is the third time David Camm has stood trial in the 2000 murders of his wife Kim and their two young children. Two prior convictions were thrown out on appeal because prosecutors were allowed to introduce prejudicial evidence.

WIBC legal analyst Greg Garrison says the improper nature of the evidence in those trials seems clear-cut. Jurors have been told about the two previous trials, but Garrison says there's no way to tell whether they're savvy enough about the legal system to draw conclusions from that.

Garrison does say the change in the jury pool is significant enough to alter the course of the trial, with a very different demographic in Boone County compared to prior trials in New Albany and Boonville. And he says the presence of veteran Indianapolis defense attorney Richard Kammen has likely forced prosecutors to adjust their tactics.

The three trials have featured not only different jury pools and defense teams, but different prosecutors. Former Vanderburgh County Prosecutor Stan Levco was named special prosecutor to try the case this time.

One thing Garrison doesn't expect to make much difference is closing arguments. He says the final pitch to the jury typically makes a difference only if one side or the other bungles the presentation, something he doesn't expect this time. He says the close does give the prosecution a small edge of being the last voice jurors hear before their instructions from the judge.

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