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Testimony Continues in Trial of Accused Serial Killer


Testimony continued Wednesday in Floyd County in the capital murder trial of suspected serial killer William Clyde Gibson.


The day started with the presentation of crime scene photos including photos of the bloody body of 75-year-old Christine Whitis laying in the garage of Gibson's New Albany home.  Some of the jurors reacted by covering their eyes and looking down.  Family members of Whitis were seen weeping silently in the courtroom before leaving and acting out emotionally in the hallway.

Jurors also heard testimony from Detective Bill Wibbels from Indiana State Police who processed evidence at the home.  Then, the Indiana State Police crime scene technician from Indianapolis testified on the DNA testing she did.  She found that two beer bottles found at the scene had Whitis' blood on them.  One of the bottles had Whitis' pubic hair at the top of it.

Gibson is accused of killing Whitis as well as 35-year-old Stephanie Kirk of Charlestown and 44-year-old Karen Hodella of Port Orange, Florida.  Floyd County Prosecutor Keith Henderson says he is not seeking the death penalty in the Hodella case and trial in the Kirk case is expected next year.

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