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Indy Therapist Calls Counseling Invaluable for Crime Victims


An Indiana therapist says it's not uncommon for crime victims to suffer from post traumatic stress disorder.

Julian Center Deputy Director Betsy Whaley says trauma is a real injury that damages on "the cellular level." Whaley says post traumatic stress disorder defines specific symptoms that occur when people have suffered serious physical or emotional trauma that involved real threats to their safety. Whaley says victims often suffer from intrusive thoughts, sleep disruption and other issues when they're not adjusting or healing properly.

Whaley says many people turn to medication or alcohol as a means of dealing with acute anxiety, but she says those aren't good long term solutions. Whaley says it's important for trauma victims to be in safe environments where they can talk about and deal with the after-effects, flashbacks and intrusive thoughts that come with trauma.

She says male trauma victims need help just as much help as female victims. Whaley says "manning up" often requires that men in need of counseling admit they need treatment and actually get the help that they need.


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