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Indy Computer Experts Say Politics May Have Hampered ACA Website


Two Indiana-based computer experts say politics rather than lack of computer expertise is likely to blame for the trouble-plagued Obamacare website.


Purdue University Computer Science Professor Buster Dunsmore says huge, complex websites like Google, Ebay and Amazon were quietly in the works for years before they were introduced to the world. Dunsmore says it takes "at least a year" of testing to work out the kinks of any new website before it's unveiled. Dunsmore says it appears the Healthcare.Gov site was in development for a only few months amid political pressure to get the project done quickly.

Meantime, Douglas Karr, CEO of DK New Media says politics and pride among subcontractors may have also played a role in the website's issues. Karr says in some cases, firms think they can "do all the work" involved in creating websites when they may not have staffers with the expertise to handle certain issues involved in keeping websites viable. Karr says websites can be broken into modules that communicate with one another. He says the best websites often combine the efforts of numerous firms that specialize in certain components and programs that help sites work optimally.


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