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Indy Doctor: New Statin Recommendations Take 'Holistic' "Approach


An Indianapolis-based cardiologist says new recommendations on cholesterol lowering medication are in response to growing health problems across the nation.


St. Vincent Hospital Cardiologist Dr. Charles Orr says more Hoosiers and Americans in general are fighting obesity, diabetes, heart disease and strokes. He says the new recommendations take a more holistic approach in the fight against heart attacks and strokes. The recommendations double the number of Americans taking cholesterol lowering medication to about 70 million people.

Currently, about 25 percent of Americans over the age of 40 take cholesterol lowering, statin medications. Orr says the recommendations aren't about enriching pharmaceutical giants, but boosting American health. He says many people can opt for generic versions and that statins do what diet and exercise alone often cannot.


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