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Hoosiers in Congress: Delay in Minimum-Coverage Rule Only a Start

Republicans slam broken promise; Democrats call for further work


Members of Indiana's congressional delegation agree President Obama's delay in new minimum health coverage requirements is only a first step.


Seventh District Democrat Andre Carson calls the rollout of the federal health care law "embarrassing" and "a mess." But he says the delay of rules that prompted the cancellation of thousands of plans considered substandard buys time for the White House and Congress to ensure health coverage is both affordable and adequate.

Fifth District Republican Susan Brooks says Obama's announcement still doesn't require insurers to restore canceled coverage. She says all it really does is acknowledge he can't fulfill his promise that if you like your health plan, you can keep it.

The House had been scheduled to vote Friday on a bill authored by Michigan Republican Fred Upton to allow not only people who already had insurance but the uninsured to buy plans that don't meet the health care law's minimum standards. Carson notes that bill wouldn't force insurers to restore canceled coverage either. Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly is co-sponsoring a bill introduced by Louisiana Democrat Mary Landrieu which would let people who lost coverage reclaim it. It'd also reverse the White House's rule that any change to a policy opens the door for cancellation.

Republican Senator Dan Coats argues the only real solution is to throw out the entire law and start over.


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