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Ritz: "I Will Not Operate in a Manner in Which We're Breaking Law"


Indiana's Superintendent of Public Instruction says she doesn't have any conflict with the State Board of Education.


Speaking with RTV6's Rafael Sanchez on "Indianapolis This Week," Glenda Ritz says she believes Governor Mike Pence's newly-created Center for Education and Career Innovation is trying to take over education control in Indiana.

"There's proof that his agency is overseeing my agency and I'm the only education agency that should be in force working with all of the schools and making sure that policy is enacted," Ritz says.  "That's what I was elected to do."

Ritz says the proposal to have the CECI review academic standards in Indiana is illegal and she will not operate in a manner in which the law is being broken.  She says she is a person who wants things to happen as they should.

Ritz also addressed the controversial meeting of the State Board of Education last week in which Ritz was accused of walking out.  Ritz says she did not walk out, but instead left after adjourning the meeting.

Watch Rafael Sanchez' full interview with Glenda Ritz on "Indianapolis This Week" Sunday at 7:30 a.m. on RTV6.


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