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State Insurance Commissioner Will Not Fulfill Obama's Request


If you live in Indiana and had your health insurance plan canceled because of new federal health care requirements, the state's insurance commissioner says your policy will remain canceled.


Insurance Commissioner Steven Robertson will not go along with a request from President Obama to ask insurance companies to reinstate canceled policies for one year.  Obama announced the request last week after facing heavy criticism from both political parties over what appeared to be his broken promise that the Affordable Care Act would allow people to keep their health plans if they wanted.

"The White House's statement last Thursday was nothing more than an opportunity to punt their problem back to state commissioners of insurance," said Logan Harrison, Chief Deputy Commission of Insurance.  He says the department has spent much of this year helping insurers phase out plans that don't meet Obamacare's new coverage requirements, and that the department doesn't have the authority to ask companies to reverse course.  "Even if we did have the legal authority, it is something that would destabilize our market, further throw it into chaos, and it's something that cannot be done at a last's moment's notice," said Harrison.

The department estimates than 108,000 residents lost their current health insurance coverage due to the new law.


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