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Hoosier Economist Cites Challenged Universities


An Hoosier economist says Indiana universities are dealing with numerous issues threatening them on several fronts.


Ball State University's Dr. Mike Hicks is speaking out on a new Moody's Investors Service survey of nearly 300 colleges across America. Hicks confirms the survey's findings that show colleges are seeing shrinking enrollments, falling family incomes and shaky job prospects for graduates - all of which are putting colleges at risk.

Hicks says numerous Indiana public universities, Purdue, IU and Ball State have been trying to hold down tuition while dealing with falling state funding. Hicks says schools like Ivy Tech and colleges with branch campuses are also seeing declines. Hicks says he'd be surprised if some smaller schools don't shut down operations.

However, Hicks says college remains a great investment and many universities will simply have to adapt and get creative with growing technology.


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